Business concept, mission, vision and goals

Knowit develops its clients’ operations by offering creative and strategic services through specialist companies within the three business areas: Knowit Experience, design and communication services, Knowit Insight, management consultancy, and Knowit Solutions , IT-consultancy services.


We will make the Nordic region the most innovative region in the world.

Business concept 

Based on a deep understanding of the client’s business, we combine strategic ability with a passion for technology and creative thinking to supply real business development for the needs of today and tomorrow.


We create the new solutions.

Financial targets

The Board has agreed upon the following financial targets:

  • Earnings per share shall increase faster than organic growth, which in turn should be higher than growth on the market where Knowit operates.
  • The EBITA margin will be higher than 10 percent as an average over a five-year period.
  • EBITA will exceed net liabilities.
  • Equity will be greater than intangible assets.