Patrik Syrén

Investor Relations Officer

Tel. +46730746630

Knowit’s share

Knowit’s share is listed on the Nordic Exchange in Stockholm on the Small Cap list. The share was traded on all trading days of the year.

Share capital

As of December 31, 2015, Knowit’s share capital was SEK 18.4 million, distributed among 18,389,032 shares at a quota value of SEK 1 each. All shares carry the same number of votes and rights to dividends. 

Market listing

The share price at the end of the fiscal year was SEK 56.50 (55.00) per share, corresponding to a total market capitalization of SEK 1,039.0 (1,011.4) million. During the year, the share price increased by 2.7 percent, which can be compared to an increase of 6.6 percent for the general index and an increase of 0.4 percent for the IT index.

The highest price paid during the year was SEK 61.50 on April 27 2015, while the lowest price was SEK 48.00 on January 27 2015.

During the fiscal year, 8.8 (4.9) million Knowit shares were traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, or an average of 35,201 (19,701) shares per trading session. The number of shares traded corresponds to 47.8 (26.7) percent of the total shares at year-end. The share was traded on all 251 trading days.

The total number of shareholders as per December 31, 2015, was 5,371 (4,966).

Dividend Policy

For fiscal 2015, the Board of Directors suggests a dividend of SEK 3.25 (3.25) per share.