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Press releases 2014

Knowit helps Midsona to digital success

Published: 10 July, 2014

Midsona has chosen Knowit to develop their digital internet channels. This assignment includes strengthening Midsona’s brands online. The first step is to adapt the website midsona.se for mobile units using EPiServer 7.5.

Preem signs frame agreement with Knowit

Published: 7 July, 2014

Sweden’s largest oil company Preem has signed a frame agreement with Knowit regarding delivery of consultancy services in Management, Testing & requirements, System development and Enterprise Architecture to Preem. The agreement term is three years, with an option for ongoing deliveries. Preem’s current annual purchasing volume is SEK 100 million and is expected to increase.

Polygon chose Knowit

Published: 3 July, 2014

The property damage restoration company in humidity and climate control, Polygon, has signed an agreement with Knowit regarding a new Business Intelligence solution. The assignment encompasses a total solution and Knowit will be developing a platform for handling reports, analyses and a dashboard with underlying data warehouse.

Knowit founding subsidiary in Germany

Published: 30 June, 2014

Knowit is founding a subsidiary in Bremen in Germany, with specialist competence in defense and the manufacturing industry. Jürgen Schmidt will be CEO of the company, which begins operations on July 1 2014. Knowit has for the past several years been working with Atlas Elektronik and Rheinmetall Defence. These collaborations are the basis for the establishment.

EKN signs contract with Knowit

Published: 26 June, 2014

The Swedish National Export Credits Guarantee Board (EKN) has signed a contract with Knowit regarding application management and further development of EKN’s business system Garbo. The term is from August 31 and for a period of two years. Total order value is estimated at SEK 7 million.

Knowit invests in brands in Bergen

Published: 5 June, 2014

Knowit’s specialist companies in advertising and design in Bergen, Knowit Reaktor ID and Knowit Reaktor Design, are founding a new company together with the advertising agency NeoLab AS to create a more competitive operation in advertising and branding.

Knowit rewards innovative thesis projects

Published: 27 May, 2014

Knowit has instituted an annually recurrent scholarship of up to SEK 34,100 to students at the University College of Gävle. The purpose is to encourage and stimulate innovative students to develop their ideas further. The scholarship is a reward for excellence in college studies, particularly innovative thesis projects – in any field of studies.

Execution of the AGM’s resolution on an offset issue in Knowit AB

Published: 23 May, 2014

Knowit is, in accordance with the AGM’s resolution on an offset issue, issuing 745,044 shares, with a waiver of the shareholders’ preferential rights. Simultaneously, the AGM’s resolution to decrease Knowit’s share capital by SEK 48,734 through withdrawal of the 48,734 repurchased shares will be carried out. The decrease of share capital will be used for transfer to a fund. Through these actions, the share capital will have increased to SEK 18,389,032.