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Development and maintenance of websites for Rikspolisstyrelsen

Published: 21 April, 2009

Know IT has developed the new web publishing solution for Rikspolisstyrelsen. This has meant provided a total solution, for both internal and external websites. The external website of the Swedish police (www.polisen.se) was officially launched on Thursday, March 26, 2009. The intranet “IntraPolis” will be gradually launched throughout the organization starting March 24, 2009. Besides development, the assignment has entailed maintenance for one year at a time.

Know IT was assigned to renew the Swedish police’s websites, to meet the increased requirements on web communication. It was important to make maintenance more efficient and to streamline further development of the technical solution.

The purpose of the websites is to provide fast access to the desired information, thereby provided the public with improved service. By coordinating the central information, local editors can focus on their own information. This improves the quality and relevance of information. The new solution makes better use of resources, as they can be better coordinated, leading to lower total costs for publishing, maintenance, management and development.

Know IT’s assignment has included manning project management, requirements specification, interface development, developing .Net, training, information architecture and maintenance.

- The web site has been developed to meet the very high demands the public and media place on police information. Therefore, we have adapted the information depending on what county the user selects. Very high demands have been placed on the project and it has been very stimulating working with Rikspolisstyrelsen, says Johan Sjöström, project manager at Know IT.

- Very high demands have been placed on Know IT and the solution they’ve created. Among other things, FRA has tested the security of the solution, with very good results. The security requirements are large, with the editing environment inside our firewalls, with content mirrored to an external environment. Know IT has solved this in a highly satisfactory manner, says Anders Vessman, application manager at Rikspolisstyrelsen.