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Investor Relations Officer

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Interim report january-March 2016

Published: 27 April, 2016

Knowit has 25 years’ experience of innovation, creative thinking and entrepreneurism. The company’s development reflects both constant curiosity and a strong can-do spirit when faced with technology shifts – from EDP to www and on to the ongoing digitalization trend and the Internet of Things.

We continue to develop our clients’ deals and ourselves through three strong business fields with experience communication experts, management consultants and IT specialists. Together, we offer services at the interface  between design, operational steering and technology. The strategy matches the purchasing patterns of clients, where many deals are initiated by functions near the market, rather than the IT department.

During the first quarter, we have improved our profit and margin, with continued sales growth. Business area Knowit Solutions is doing well and we continue to grow in all regions. Knowit Experience reduce net sales and profit, among other things due to the weaker Norwegian currency. Within Knowit Insight, with operations mainly in Sweden, we continue to improve our profit, margin and sales.

In order to improve our delivery and client focus, we work to improve our efficiency every day. During the quarter, we have in Norway initiated a fusion of seven companies into two. We are increasing our joint delivery capacity and getting lower costs. In this way, we create a sharp, efficient and clearly client-oriented operation.

Yet again, Knowit has been designated the most attractive Swedish consultancy firm when university and college students list the most popular employers.

Being attractive on the recruitment market and having a strong employer brand is more important than ever.

Our challenges are in recruiting the right people for our interesting tasks. I feel gratified and pleased that we are among the companies that place highest in branding and employer branding surveys, year after year.

We were also rewarded in the Norwegian competition Guldtaggen in April with two gold medals for our payment app Vipps, developed for DNB. This shows that Knowit is truly a company with cutting-edge expertise in creativity, strategy and IT development.

Digitalization contributes to increasing accessibility and efficiency, both within companies and within public authorities, as well as contributing to a simpler life for us all. The new technology is now integrated in our clients’ core operations. The pressure for change is tangible, as old business models are losing traction and new digital business concepts are challenging companies.

At Knowit, we understanding digitalization and have the capacity to develop our clients’ deals by combining competence from our three business fields: Experience, Insight and Solutions. We have 500 communication experts within Experience, 200 management consultants within Insight and 1,100 IT specialists within Solutions.

Thanks to our capacity to understand the operations of our clients, combined with our offerings at the interface between technology, design and management steering, we gain deals on the part of the market that is growing most quickly. Together, we take responsibility for developing our clients, our company and value for investors.

Per Wallentin
CEO and President

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