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Invitation to Know ITs Press and Analyst Conference

Published: 13 October, 2010

Peak Performance is launching the platform game The Rescue Operation, produced by Know IT Hello There. The Rescue Operation is a challenging, fun and educational online game in which the player, using Peak Performance’s Black Light collection, attempts to save the crew and cargo of a cargo aircraft. By getting high scores, the player can win clothes from the Black Light collection.

The game takes place in the snowy mountains of Peru. A small cargo aircraft crashes and the cargo, five boxes of information about Black Light, is scattered in the snow. To save the aircraft’s crew and gather the cargo, the player must climb, jump cliffs, balance on mountain crests and ski down steep mountain slopes.

As the game progresses, the player learns facts and advantages about the Black Light collection, which was adapted for mountain activities year round and developed in collaboration with mountain guides. This makes the connection with the game completely natural. In addition to learning about functional clothing and insulation techniques, the player learns the secrets of dressing properly in extreme alpine weather.

– For us, this is an entirely new way of spreading our message and teaching target groups about the benefits of our functional clothing. It’s also a fun way to prepare for the upcoming winter season, says Fredrik Kjellberg, Online Marketing Manager at Peak Performance.

As the player advances through the game, he or she gains points. It is possible to compete against other players and maybe even get onto the high score list. The top players can win prizes. First prize is a two layer jacket and pant from the Black Light collection, second prize is € 200 and third € 100 for shopping in the Peak Performance web shop.

– We all love both games and sports, so we contacted Peak Performance with our idea in the hopes that they’d like it. They did. The collaboration was great fun and we are proud of the results, says Oskar Eklund, CEO of Know IT Hello There.