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Know IT HT produces Santa Maria’s new marketing game

Published: 1 November, 2010

Santa Maria has launched the platform game “Maya and the Tex-Mex adventure” on the Nordic market (www.santamaria.se). The game, produced by the award-winning game developer Know IT HT i Göteborg, aims to show children and teenagers how easy it is to cook Tex-Mex using Santa Maria’s recipes and ingredients.

Santa Maria is today the leading spice company in the Nordic region, specializing in spices, grill products and Tex-Mex, Thai and Indian products. Santa Maria has also quickly established a market leading position in other parts of Europe. When Santa Maria wanted to convince customers that Tex-Mex was a perfect alternative for dinner every day of the week, not just on Fridays, the company discussed this with Know IT HT i Göteborg.

- After some thought, we realized that a platform game, where you can learn how easy and fun it is to cook Tex-Mex with Santa Maria, would fit the target group children and teenagers perfectly. Santa Maria liked the idea and we are proud of and pleased with the result. Especially those of us with an interest in food, says Oskar Eklund, manager of Know IT HT.

As the name suggests, Maya is the main character in the game. With her constant companions, Yen and Ravi, she makes up a kind of food musketeers. Whenever a kitchen is in danger, they save the day. This often happens when the fourth main character of the game, the evil opponent Pyro, and his followers, the sly cape gooseberries, diabolic tomatoes and angry peppers, have burned food beyond recognition. But thanks to their combined abilities and skills, Maya, Yen and Ravi can usually give them some trouble.

– We are very pleased with the results of Know IT’s game. The interest was overwhelming and the target groups seems to have fallen in love with the game and its characters. In this short period, thousands of players have learned how to make Quesadillas, Crispy Chicken and Burritos quick and simple, says Malin Brodén, Action Marketing Manager at Santa Maria.