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Know IT carries out issue of shares and options

Published: 26 June, 2009

Know IT AB has carried out offset issues of a total of 895,953 shares, waiving shareholders’ preferential rights. The share capital has thus increased to SEK 14,922,971 and equity by SEK 32.1 million. The new shares entitle shareholders to any dividends, starting from the current financial year.

The issues are directed at the sellers of Know IT Compliance & Governance AB, Create Group Sweden AB, Know IT Information Management Innograte AB, Know IT Technowledge AB, Net Result International AB and Real M Holding AB.
Agreement was made in connection with the acquisition of the companies that additional consideration might be paid, and that such consideration could, fully or in part, be paid through new issue of shares. Payment for shares subscribed will take place at the time of subscription through settlement of outstanding claims.
The offset issues were carried out following decisions at the AGM on April 23, 2009.

Issue of options
550,000 options have been purchased through the options program for employees approved at Know IT’s AGM. The price per option was SEK 5.58. If all options are exercised, dilution of share capital will be around 3.7 percent.

32,000 options were purchased by Know IT for sale at fair value to employees employed after the end of the application period. The options program runs for three years and each option entitles its holder to purchase of one new share during the period June 1 – 15, 2012, at the exercise price SEK 49.63.