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Know IT develops mobile phone solutions

Published: 28 May, 2009

Know IT has signed a frame agreement with the Swedish software company TAT, The Astonishing Tribe, regarding integration and usage of TAT’s products for mobile phones, which make it possible to develop user interfaces with a non-traditional appearance.

TAT Cascades enables advanced graphical effects which both simplify and enrich mobile phone usage, as well as opening for development of phones with pioneering designs.

Know IT’s specialist company, Know IT Yahm, is already carrying out a project commissioned by one of the foremost mobile phone manufacturers. The project involves development based on TAT Cascades for the user interfaces of several applications in an Android mobile phone. The project includes integration and implementation of user interface. Know IT is responsible for project management and software development.

Know IT Yahm contributes with high competence in embedded systems and various mobile phone platforms, such as Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile, in projects for clients who use TAT’s products, thereby assisting in ensuring that the clients get optimal use for the possibilities of the technology.

- TAT, with its world leading product Cascades, and Know IT, as an experienced specialist in software development and integration, are a strong combination. Together, we will be able to deliver unique user experiences to more clients, says Axel Holtås, head of Know IT Yahm.

- We have a large demand from mobile phone manufacturers who want to use our technology to meet the increased demands on the mobile phone user experience. The collaboration with competent consultancy firms like Know IT Yahm is part of our strategy as a product company, says Charlotta Falvin, President of TAT.