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New mobile site from Apoteket built by Knowit

Published: 6 December, 2012

Apoteket is now launching its new mobile website which shows supplies of medicines in its pharmacies. Knowit has delivered the solution. The new website makes it possible for clients to use their phones to see which pharmacies has a medicine in stock, if there are other alternatives to the medicine, where the closest pharmacy is and when it is open.

– Quickly being able to find where a medicine or product can be found is important to our clients. We can offer information on supplies through a mobile channel, updated once an hour, which means that a client can find the closest pharmacy with the product in stock, regardless of his or her location, says Eva Fernvall, communications manager at Apoteket.


– Apoteket has been very enthusiastic about using new technology and new channels to strengthen services to its clients. The vision of making it simple for customers to get their medicine has led to high requirements on the architecture and usability of the mobile solution, says Nils Sjölin, project manager at Knowit.


Knowit has built the new system, from the first study to the completed delivery, and manned roles including system developer, project manager, designer, interaction designer, information architect and solution architect. Knowit has managed the project using the agile development framework Scrum and the solution was implemented using the latest Microsoft technologies.


The mobile site of Apoteket can be found at mobil.apoteket.se.