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Swedbank signs frame agreement with Know IT

Published: 8 September, 2009

Swedbank has signed a frame agreement with Know IT regarding delivery of IT-related consultancy services. The agreement runs through August 1, 2010, with an option for extension by twelve months at a time.

The agreement encompasses delivery of IT-related consultancy services from Know IT, including project management, architecture, testing, database design, requirements specification and systems development in all of the bank’s technical environments, such as Java, Microsoft, etc., but also in specific areas such as data warehousing.

– We are very pleased in getting Swedbank’s confidence. Thanks to our geographic dispersal, we can meet Swedbank’s needs for high-quality consultancy services in towns such as Stockholm and Umeå, where the bank has extensive IT-operations. Frame agreements are therefore an important part of our structural capital and provide a strong foundation for further development of our business, says Per Thörnqvist, account manager at Know IT.

Know IT has wide experience in supplying IT-services to companies in banking. Around twelve percent of Know IT’s sales in 2008 came from clients with operations in banking, finance and insurance.