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Know IT delivers app to Parkeringsbolaget i Göteborg

Published: 19 September, 2011

Soon, the new version of the mobile application ”Parking Göteborg” will be launched. It was developed in collaboration between Parkeringsbolaget i Göteborg and Know IT. The app gives users access to information about how many vacant spaces there are and what the cost per hour is. The main goal of the project is to improve service to Göteborg’s motorists, to take responsibility for the environment and to offer a service that contributes to the big picture for Parkeringsbolaget’s customers.

”Parking Göteborg” gives motorists access to information about over 3,000 parking spaces. The application shows parking for cars, motorcycles, buses, and spaces for residents or disabled persons. The application can be downloaded for free and will be available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

The parking company is looking forward to helping motorists break old habits and find new parking options. Decreasing the environmental impact has been central to the project.

-Research shows that thirty percent of a driver’s time behind the wheel is spent on finding parking. With this app, you can plan your driving and find parking more easily, particularly during larger events in Göteborg, says Maria Stenström, CEO of Parkeringsbolaget i Göteborg.

There are also economic benefits to using the service. You can compare the prices of different spaces and find the shortest route to a selected space. The user also gets information on prices and payment methods for the different parking meters.

- Our work benefits both Parkeringsbolaget and its customers. I hope we are contributing to a better environment, happier motorists and safer traffic, says Mathias Kindström, business field manager at Know IT Göteborg.