We work with projects that contribute to the development of society and take the human aspect into account, as regards both usability and privacy. One important part of our everyday work is to increase our clients’ understanding of how digitization can contribute to a circular economy and an improved society.

Services for humane digitization and a circular economy

Today, large amounts of data are managed in the cloud, which creates increased complexity as regards security issues. Here, we are at the forefront and deliver both cloud services and security services related to implementation and operation. The same is true for AI applications, where technology and law are closely interlinked. We deliver both technical solutions and support for managing security related to privacy.

For us, security solutions at the cutting edge are about helping clients develop solutions that promote higher security for individuals, when it comes to e-commerce or payment solutions, for example.

Our competence in cybersecurity is an asset in both internal and external projects, to ensure that data and personal data are not used in negative or illegal contexts.

We offer services that contribute to more efficient use of material resources, for instance through lower resource use and servicification – such as renting, sharing, and smarter recycling.

Labor law and human rights

We operate on markets with well-functioning legal systems as regards human rights and environmental impact. The suppliers and sub-consultants we work with must uphold the same basic values as us. All our employees and sub-consultants protect Knowit’s and our clients’ tangible and intangible property.

Our corporate culture, characterized by the meeting between responsible managers and employees, is based on respect, openness, and honesty.

In addition to observing the legislation and ordinances of the countries in which we operate, we also observe governance documents, such as company-specific regulations and policies.

Ethical business

We have robust systems for preventing corruption and wastage, and to increase transparency regarding risks. This is a fundamental requirement in order to act as a supplier to government-owned companies and the public sector.

Pursuant to Knowit’s Code of Conduct, no employee may give or accept a bribe. Gifts or services may only be given or received within the framework of sound professional practices and on condition that they are within the limits of the laws in force for the markets on which we operate.

How sustainability is integrated into the operations

We strive to minimize the impact on the environment. For that reason, our employees take an internal environmental education. Knowit AB and a few subsidiaries are certified pursuant to ISO 14001:2015. 

To measure and follow up on our employees’ business trips, as well as how they travel to and from work, we have performed an annual sustainability survey since 2015. The direct CO2 emissions caused by business-related travel have decreased year on year since we started performing these measurements.

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