Improved profit, strong growth, and a good financial position

Despite the restrictions, we saw continued high demand on the market. Our strong position as an attractive partner for both clients and employees created the conditions for a continued growth journey. We have had high activity in sales and deliveries of client projects. Our business areas have delivered in line with expectations, both on their own and in joint projects.

Best in the sector

We remain one of the most popular workplaces for young professionals in external surveys. This is highly significant, as the lack of competent workers is one of the main challenges for the digitalization sector. For the third year in a row, we were named the best workplace in the sector by the employer branding company Universum.

Strong growth

If the first six months of the year were shaped by the integration of Creuna, the final six months were shaped by the integration of Cybercom and the establishment of the new business area Connectivity. During the fourth quarter, the integration of the acquisition Capacent began. Our success is proof that we have the strength and business models to manage larger acquisitions.

Through our strategy of growing organically and through acquisitions, we have strengthened our offer. In 2021, we increased the number of employees by 50 percent, largely as a result of the acquisitions, but we also see growth within existing operations. We continue our growth journey and in December communicated the acquisition of the Danish design and strategy agencies 1508 and Strømlin, which was finalized in January 2022.

We have for several years seen a development towards more complex client demands that require new knowledge about the entire chain, from product development to new customer interfaces and processes. Thanks to the resource and competence additions we have made through acquisitions and recruitment, we can take on larger, more complex assignments and become an even more attractive partner to both clients and employees.

Stable financial position

During the year, we performed a successful new issue, which shows that shareholders have confidence in our strategy, which it also gave us increased financial stability. Knowit has been a leader in consolidating the Nordic digitalization sector in 2021. Through the new issue, we have gained an excellent platform to remain a leader, which bodes well for the continued growth journey.

Leaps and bounds in sustainability

The combination of Cybercom’s climate commitment and Knowit’s focus on social sustainability means that our ESG efforts have become more rounded. We have taken leaps and bounds towards a clearer framework for our sustainability efforts. This gives us better conditions to contribute to a more sustainable and humane society, in line with our vision. The commitment to such issues is high among our employees, which we also see proof of in several deliveries to clients.

It is with pride that I conclude that we have managed to succeed with both acquisitions, integrations, and keeping a focus on business and deliveries in 2021. We have had a good year. In 2022, it is time to take the next step towards Knowit’s continued success to benefit both shareholders, clients, and employees.

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