1. Knowit offers digital transformation on a market that is growing quickly

The Nordic market for IT consultancy, which is the largest segment on the Nordic market for IT services, is estimated to equal EUR 30 billion in 2022. The need for digitalization is increasing in both the public and private sectors. In the interaction between new technical advances and new behaviors, the demand for new services is accelerating.

2. Knowit has an innovative and attractive corporate culture that attracts top talent

Knowit has for several years been near the top when employer branding companies like Universum and others rank the most popular workplaces, at both a national and a Nordic level. With a unique combination of competencies in system development, management consulting, datadriven customer experiences, connected services, and cloud solutions, Knowit is well-organized to help its clients seize the opportunities of digitalization.

3. Knowit has a long history of strong growth, profit, and direct returns

Since 2005, Knowit has increased its net sales year on year and increased its profit annually since 2016. In 2021, Knowit has performed three large acquisitions and strengthened its position further. The yield to shareholders has been the same or greater each year since 2008 (except when dividends were not paid out for 2019 due to the pandemic).

4. Knowit’s solutions contribute to a sustainable and humane society

For Knowit, sustainable business means creating long-term value for our stakeholders. In March 2022, Knowit has established new sustainability targets with the aim to clarify and follow up on its contributions to the sustainability challenges of society.

5. Knowit has an agile structure, with growing operations across the Nordic region

Flexibility, a local presence, and trust are growing in importance on a market characterized by fast, unpredictable changes. Knowit’s strategy is to operate geographically close to its clients with agile consultancy teams. This means that the Company creates strong relationships to its clients and can quickly see trends on the market and adapt to new market conditions.

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