Makers of a sustainable future

Knowit’s strategy is based on being a central part of the Nordic digitalization. This is done through a high presence on the market and a relevant attitude when companies and organizations are searching for support in adapting their strategies and business models using digitalization and automation.

Through close collaboration with clients and partners, Knowit is always at the interface between new technical innovations and the concrete efforts to develop and implement digital solutions that help companies take the next step in their digitalization journey. 

An important aspect of the ongoing digitalization is that companies and organizations are thereby accelerating the shift to a sustainable society free from carbon dioxide emissions. Being a contributing factor in this shift is high up on Knowit’s strategic agenda and, in 2022, the Board adopted new sustainability targets

Our vision

We create a sustainable and humane society through digitalization and innovation.

Value-creating business models

Knowit supports and drives clients’ development toward more sustainable business models through a strengthened creative collaboration between different competencies and industry perspectives. We are specialists at, in close collaboration with our clients, developing new business models and digital solutions that are based n the latest technology and thereby helping Nordic companies and organizations create sustainable change and increased value. 

Developing employee environment

To ensure continuous development and that we as a company are always at the cutting edge of technical development, it is crucial to build a foundation based on sound and profitable organic growth. Continually working to be the most attractive platform in the industry for employees to work and develop is therefore a high-priority strategic target.

Our mission

We enable a sustainable future by combining creativity and strategy with our passion for tech and innovation.

Our core values

We are fair

We are close by and available

We are passionate about innovation

Internal efficiency

To secure profitable growth and simultaneously be the best possible support for Knowit’s clients, a well-designed structure for internal efficiency is necessary. One of Knowit’s strengths is the decentralized business model where innovativeness and new developments are created in the projects, close to the clients, not in the centralized administrative functions. To make use of the inherent power of the organization, an effective, data-informed work method is needed to facilitate knowledge sharing and ease collaborations between different units

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