The partnership began with the transition of applicable services to the Microsoft Azure environment, where new and easily manageable cloud environments were built. The collaboration has allowed Varma to develop data-driven services, save on expenses and manage the services more agile.

The modern cloud strategy serves the goals of business units

The initial impetus for Varma’s cloud transformation was in their cloud strategy. Based on the strategy, they wanted to benefit from the public cloud as much as possible. Varma began to search for productive means of benefiting from the cloud services and a partner that could execute challenging cloud transformations.

When choosing a cloud partner, it was essential for Varma to ensure that the cloud environment core is built by understanding the business and within the scope of the industry restrictions.

Knowit implemented the encompassing basis of the modern cloud environment for Varma. The operating model is executed with a cloud-native approach, where the services are cloud-friendly in principle. The team transferred the applicable services to the Microsoft Azure environment.

In addition, they built the new cloud environments specifically for the given services. The proactive cooperation of the professionals at Varma and Knowit has ensured that their cloud journey will advance according to the defined criteria.

"Cybercom (Knowit) is a competent partner that understands our business and with whom we have the best practices for what we do at our disposal. It is easy for us to trust their way to do things, for they have plenty of experience creating challenging cloud environments. We both recognise the value in our cooperation",

says Teijo Palmu, ICT Infrastructure Services Director at Varma.

Public cloud opens up possibilities for time and expense saving and customer value

Varma’s cloud migration baseline was to create the cloud environment ensemble defined by easy governance, scalability, and effortless maintenance. Above all, an intelligent and highly automated cloud environment works as an advanced platform for fast services development.

– One of the main targets for utilising the public cloud platform for Varma’s digital services was to find its possibilities for service development. Transformation to Azure environment has offered flexibility and agile for developing digital services. Cybercom’s (Knowit's) responsibility of maintenance and monitoring has released Varma’s software development team’s time for actual development work. Close cooperation with Cybercom (Knowit) has boosted us to find the best practices for digital service development, says Heidi Vehokari Varma’s Digital Services Manager and Simo Riutta, Project Manager of Varma Asiointi.

Great possibilities to utilise data better

Microsoft Azure environment has enabled Varma to develop its modern and scalable data platform to create agile new data-driven services. Data-driven business and versatile utilisation of data for developing and managing operations and services require a secure and easily manageable environment. Knowit has brought the best practices for building Varma’s data platform and governance and has supported their implementation.

A responsible cloud-computing partnership brings effective results

Although Varma operates as the forerunner of exploiting the public cloud, they are also known as the strong advancer of responsible procedures. Basic mutual values connect Knowit’s and Varma’s work ethics in the cloud environment in terms of responsibility. Open communication, the principles of equality, and effective operating ways helped create trust between the companies.

– We at Varma are led by responsibility in everything we do, and working with partners with the same basic values is the most rewarding. We have a lot in common with Cybercom (Knowit), such as social responsibility, personnel policy, and sustainable business. We can be sure that they know to offer the right resources, experts, and practices for our needs, Palmu at Varma emphasises.

A modern cloud environment also creates opportunities to develop different business sectors’ monitoring of responsibility goals. For example, public cloud services provide good tools to process and utilise data when optimising premises and energy usage.

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