Wouldn't it be fantastic if surgeons could practice operations to develop their skills and minimise the risk of errors? Computer simulation does just that by creating virtual training scenarios. It gives future surgeons and experienced surgeons alike the opportunity to practice arthroscopic surgery and many other procedures in a risk-free setting before they operate on real patients.

The Swiss company VirtaMed develops and produces the most realistic surgical simulators in the market. Knowit Poland is helping the company take the simulators to the next level by connecting them to the cloud. The aim is to create a common global network and improve surgical training in a way that is only possible by using connection in the cloud.

The project began in late 2017 and by February this year, Knowit had developed a prototype to show the functions of the cloud-based simulator at a global conference. Due to high quality and security standards, the system requires extremely efficient and secure connection, which Knowit can deliver.

The connected surgical simulators will make a critical difference to mentors and trainees. Training sessions are going from being one-time events stored in individual devices to being globally accessible lessons and tools for all users. Sharing all resources and making them available to everyone improves surgical training and skills and, ultimately, the quality of healthcare and patient health. That aligns well with VirtaMed's and Knowit's shared ambitions to generate positive values and contribute to sustainable development.

Goal 3: Good health and well-being for people

The goal is to ensure that everyone can lead healthy lives. It also involves promoting the well-being of people of all ages. Cloud services and tools like VirtaMed’s simulators contribute to better healtcare and thus human health and survival.

Bo Strömqvist
Head of Client Development Knowit Connectivity
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