LEAD’s greatest opportunity to provide solutions that benefit society is through the start-ups and entrepreneurs it guides through its programmes.

In order to identify how LEAD can contribute, Knowit helped the incubator create and explore a four-step method (PICU), which aims to capture opportunities throughout the entire incubation process:

  1. Identify and accelerating potential (P)
  2. Refine, develop and accelerate ideas (I)
  3. Encourage and accelerate clustering (C)
  4. Support and accelerate uptake (U)

PICU was applied to LEAD’s overall process and integrated into a selection of tools for evaluation and business development.

We have an extraordinary team at LEAD and we know we deliver good results, but we were surprised when we saw the calculations of our climate potential. With the tools we have developed together with Cybercom (Knowit), we are currently establishing processes to double these numbers within the next two years.

Catharina Sandberg, CEO, LEAD

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