For an export-dependent country such as Sweden, promoting responsible business practices and offering a well-functioning and secure IT infrastructure for digital agreements is vital.

EKN’s Infrastructure for digital agreements is structured on several building blocks, all equally important and strategically selected, to fulfil their high demands. One of the building blocks is our SignPort, which enables the administrator and external party to securely sign agreements without leaving EKN’s service.

Secure accessibility to a broader market is of huge value for Swedish export and for the more than 120 countries that use the service. By removing the risk of not being paid in export transactions, EKN’s service makes difficult markets available, accessible and secure.

EKN promotes responsible business practices. The consideration shown by EKN in its guarantee activities covers environmental issues, human rights, anti-corruption and tax evasion as well as promoting sustainable lending to poor countries.

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Mikael Monié
Business Unit Manager Secure Solutions
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