Making public sector services digital is one of the most important development projects in today's society. Transparency, accessibility and security are the foundation of the national IT project in Finland, in which Knowit has a key role.

The aim is to gather together public and private services, making it easier for citizens to manage their affairs.

The project also includes an identification service for which Knowit has developed a framework for secure identification. The system's rights management permits automatic identification of individuals authorised to handle information on behalf of others.

"All the data and essential public services will now be available in one place with one login at,"

says Timo Laaksonen, head of the Media and Public business unit at Knowit Finland.

Filing a tax return, voting or exercising other rights and obligations will be simple and easy using the portal. It will also be possible to link in private services, such as health and electricity consumption.

Improved security, faster processing, less risk for error and reduced crime rates are major factors in the project, as is sustainability. The system is expected to generate major environmental benefits through electronic document processing, thus eliminating the costs of printing, delivery and storage of documents.

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

The goal is aimed at making cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

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