Person on a train station


Ruter wanted Knowit to build an app that worked on all mobile phones, for all types of users and in all kinds of places.


Agile service design and continuous testing have led us to today’s solution. The solution needed to work just as well for new as for returning users. For the student travelling to university each day to be able to quickly buy a ticket – with only two clicks. For the pensioner travelling twice a year from Lillehammer to Oslo to visit relatives – who probably doesn’t know the area or the app and needs guidance. 

An important factor behind the success of the project was that we had good communication with the various user groups who would have contact with the solution, including commuters, bus drivers, controllers, shops and customer services.

RuterBillett iPhone app

The result

RuterBillett was named app of the year by Mobile Trends 2013. The app was also nominated for the Gold Key (Appworks) and the Rosing Award from the Norwegian Computer Society.

20% of all ticket sales take place with the help of RuterBillett

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