Accelerating Verisure's development of digital platforms

One challenge many technically mature companies face in today’s talent-thirsty market is finding the right competences, at the right time. Knowit has long been a partner to Verisure and has via this collaboration been given the confidence to contribute to the further development of their digital services.  

“The key to this project’s success has been the hybrid delivery with both our Swedish and Polish offices working closely together with Verisure's in-house competence. We have set up Verisure branded spaces to strengthen the closely-knit relationship between the teams,” says Camilla Maricic, client manager at Knowit. 

Implementing this new collaboration model has accelerated Verisure's development of digital platforms. This was done by establishing new ways of working and expanding from development centers in Malmö and Linköping, to include resources in Poland as well into the Scrum teams. It is a learning process and it will continue to be imperative to asses and re-iterate the dynamics and day-to-day informal communication within the teams. It also means establishing a critical mass of consultants from Knowit to rotate skills between different Scrum teams based on resource needs. This is a new workflow for Verisure’s Innovation Engineers 

We are very pleased that Knowit has proven so fast in finding relevant candidates for the different profiles we have been looking for. Going forward we feel confident to continuously evaluate and improve the collaboration. By doing so, we will be able to respond quickly to changes in skill and resource needs as they arise. Already, we have seen good traction using hybrid teams in several projects.


Robert Hed, chief of staff at Verisure Technology, Malmö. 

On a longer horizon

On a longer horizon, Verisure hopes to rotate engineers between the scrum-based teams on a continuous basis. Both in order to keep creativity high and streamline training, but also to be able to meet the consultants’ development ambitions.

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