Governance Platform

Governance Platform is a portal solution for compliance management:

  • It's a flexible platform for managing requirements and distributing these requirements to the organization – through "declarations". One can rephrase, add, or delete requirements at any time. Depending on the receiving partner's role, requirements can be edited so that only relevant information reaches out. This filtering is based on a general information classification function.
  • Staff can make a one-click status report - for each individual requirement - if they meet the requirements or not.
  • Functionality for staff to report risks, perform risk analysis, and reporting risk-mitigating actions. This gives the organization a mechanism to easily carry out risk assessments in a uniform manner.
  • Security managers, quality managers, etc, can with a mouse click get the complete report of the business' compliance status, what risks are identified, what risk-mitigation actions are chosen, and more.
  • The solution is 100% configurable, and demands no extra modules to meet different regulations or functions.

Focus is on simplicity

  • Respondents should easily be able to work with compliance. Doing risk analysis and working with risk-mitigation should be an easy task.
  • Administrating the solution should also be simple, as well as creating surveys, checklists or new users.
  • It should be an easy task to investigate the business' compliance within specific requirements or how specific requirements have been evaluated - throughout the whole organization.

It should also be convenient to order this service. Governance Platform has no strange license agreements; no modules have to be bought extra every time new functionality is needed. The cost is predictable. The development of the solution is performed in cooperation with the customer.

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