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Things are moving fast in the world of digital security, which makes a standardised service for how documents should be signed a smart choice. When e-signatures are created with SignPort, handling is easier for both the agency and the user because the e-signatures are independent of the technology on which the eID is based.

The signature service has a clear and simple API connection for e-services and enables digital signing of both XML documents and PDFs. The signature service operates in connection with Knowit’s e-ID service and all other e-ID services that comply with the DIGG technical framework. Information about the document signed never leaves the client’s domain, regardless of whether it was signed by an internal or external user.

SignPort benefits:

  • Standardised – SignPort is based on the EU standard, making it easy to connect new services or further develop existing ones.
  • Full coverage - For both internal and external document management.
  • Uniform - All documents are signed the same way, regardless of the eID service used, and generate the same type of signatures.
  • Clear - Physical display of electronic signature on the document.
  • User friendly - Offers a simple, linear process to the user, whose experience of the digital flow in the service is never interrupted.
  • High level of privacy - The information about the document signed never leaves the client’s domain.
  • Future-proof - Generates signed documents that can be validated, sent and filed long into the future.
  • Service-independent - Works regardless of the valid eID service at the base, whether national or international, thanks to standardisation.
  • Supplier-independent - The client retains the services and documents as self-contained files.

Approved by DIGG & the Swedish Legal, Financial & Administrative Services Agency

The Swedish Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) has developed a standard for digital signatures specifically for the Swedish public sector. SignPort is based on DIGG’s technical frameworks for e-signature services and SignPort has been approved by DIGG and the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency after practical testing. SignPort has been in production since 2016 and is used by numerous organisations, including several major Swedish government agencies. SignPort can be ordered under the Legal Financial and Administrative Service Agency’s Framework Agreement, Software and Services - Software Solutions.

Leverage Knowit’s experience & expertise

Knowit is committed to ensuring that the client’s e-signature functionality is a future-proof delivery. We are therefore involved in the joint development of the technical framework and continuously update the e-signature service. When Knowit is your provider, you benefit from our long-term experience and expertise within national eID and Identity & Access Management (IAM). We have been supporting our clients and adding new best practices, technologies and business models on an ongoing basis for more than 20 years.

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