Metrics & analytics

Who doesn’t want to get to know their customers better, find out what they want and what needs they have? Using the right analytical tools and correct metrics, we support our clients in figuring out what marketing is most effective and profitable, and give them hands-on tips on what changes can be made to their website, mobile app, or Facebook page. Take our hand and we will guide you on the right path toward attracting more visitors and increasing conversions.

Data visualization

Keep track of your data with data visualization! We help you get all your company data gathered in the same place, in a smart way. Imagine how handy it would be to have all your KPIs and other metrics in a single tool, so you can see how you are doing relative to the digital marketing goals you have set. Or to visualize and transform large amounts of data into interactive dashboards and reports that are easy to grasp. Not to mention Google Data Studio – where we connect data from many different sources and import them to a single place, to provide you with a quick overview of your data.

Focal point: a seamless customer journey

Customers are always leaving digital footprints when they search and navigate on websites, in apps, and on social media. When they buy goods and services, this gives companies valuable knowledge on their preferences and behaviors. Each time a customer contacts the company through a customer service channel, this creates a possibility for dialogue and improved customer experiences. We map and analyze the contact points in the customer journey and ensure there is interaction between them – while also finding creative solutions that are based on the target group’s needs and building simple, user-centered solutions in complex contexts.

Usability testing

The best way to investigate if the digital solution you are planning to deploy meets your customers’ needs is usability testing. You can test anything: logotypes, choice of materials, prototypes, campaign proposals, web solutions, mobile apps… How we do testing depends on how far you have developed your solution, what you want to do with the results, and the extent to which you can make changes to what is being tested. We perform usability testing through traditional laboratory tests and guerilla tests for focus groups and individual interviews.

Sustainable solutions

To be sustainable and profitable in the long term, we all need to help out in thinking smarter, greener, and better. We can assure you that we will also contribute to the green transition by challenging the traditional, established practices and striving to work with sustainable products, technologies, and business models. With tried and tested methods and experienced consultants, we help you develop greener strategies and digital solutions based on a sustainable concept.

Knowit Take on Tomorrow

Important perspectives and insights on streamlining, growth, and innovation. Knowit’s Take on Tomorrow is a series of articles in which we discuss and provide predictions on current topics and problems from a management perspective. Find out more!

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