Certified Google Analytics partner

We support you in implementing and setting up tracking and measurement, and offer our best advice. If a check-up of your Google Analytics account is needed, we will analyze the current metrics structure and give recommendations on what needs to be improved. We have long experience of performing in-depth analyses to identify visitor needs. If we can be permitted to toot our own horn, we are a certified Google Analytics Partner – and have been since 2009.

Google Analytics 360 retailer

Have you grown beyond Google Analytics and need a powerful analytical tool that can process much larger data amounts than the free version? Take note! Since we are also an official retailer of Google Analytics 360, we have long experience of supporting clients with everything from implementation and reviewing current traffic tracking and metrics, to analyzing big data, serving as a sounding board and advisor, and offering support related to the tool. What can we do for you?

Certified Google Tag Manager Partner

We would claim that one of the smartest solutions that make working life simpler for many people is Google Tag Manager. Why? Because it makes it much simpler to manage website tags using a single tool, while both your code and your website will become clearer and simpler. With just a few clicks, you can add Google Analytics code to every page you want, or a remarketing tag, if you prefer that. Our GTM experts give support on implementation, provide support, make measurements, and perform A/B testing.

Data visualization

Keep track of your data with data visualization! We help you get all your company data gathered in the same place, in a smart way. Imagine how handy it would be to have all your KPIs and other metrics in a single tool, so you can see how you are doing relative to the digital marketing goals you have set. Or to visualize and transform large amounts of data into interactive dashboards and reports that are easy to grasp. Not to mention Google Data Studio – where we link data from many different sources and import them to a single place, to provide you with a quick overview of your data.

Digital marketing & CRM

Digital marketing involves following a customer seamlessly, across channels, by using available data and insights. Our certified and experienced marketing experts help you use your data in the best possible way, to reach your target group and get the chance to create fantastic, seamless customer experiences.

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