Service design & design thinking

Engaging, intuitive, and seamless interfaces on the users’ terms – that’s true service design! With service design you can work in a creative way to find a solution that is based on the target group’s needs and create simple, user-centered solutions in a complex context. Solutions that simplify everyday life for the end user. This encompasses everything from setting the design for how a new service or product should be shaped to determining what should be highlighted on the website or in the mobile app. We help out in establishing new services that deliver seamless customer experiences and promote your business.

UX & UI design

User experience, UX, and user interface, UI, involve creating a fuller picture and optimizing the user experience and usability of a service, product, and system. We support clients using UX to set up and design creative and innovative experiences that are easy to apply and understand and that help the visitors find what they are looking for – whether they are using a mobile app or a website. Using UX and UI, we set the tone, design, and interface of a service, product, or website.

Brand & visual identity

Your brand communicates who you are and who you want to be. A strong brand that improves the user experience also creates feelings in the user. By finding yourselves and working actively on who you want to be, you can also make an impression, stand out among the competitors, and be an organization that people can – and want to – relate to. With our insights and experience, we can work with you to find an idea, a concept, and a tonality, and create a brand that your target groups love.

Concept development

When we create solutions, we work with a basis in our concept development process, which means that we use a methodological and iterative approach. We collaborate with the client to formulate a strategy and goal, propose ideas, and set up a design for the solution. The process encompasses debriefing and milestones for testing at frequent intervals. In this way, the client gets a continuous insight into what we are doing, while we can adjust the solution based on their needs.

Animations & motion graphics

With animations and motion graphics, you get the right conditions for creating short, entertaining, and informative clips that hit that sweet spot. When we work with production, we deliver 3D graphics and various types of special effects that show messages and contents in exceptional and effective ways. We have specialist competence in motion design and video production – where we can help out with everything from ideas to edited productions. The clips have been used everywhere from the silver screen to on TV, online, and in various types of profiling at fairs, expos, and seminars.

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