Design & brand

A strong brand that creates feelings, has an impact, and that people love doesn’t happen on its own. If you are ready to get a brand that pops or to realize your latest idea, our web designers, UX designers, art directors, designers, and copywriters are ready to help you shape the design and content that lift your message and brand to the stars. Let's make it happen!

Metrics & analytics

Without reliable metrics, it is impossible to make data-driven decisions. We have long experience of web analytics, from data collection to insights, and we ensure that the data shown in Google Analytics are correct, as well as helping you with continuous analyses and improvement recommendations. What’s more, we build tailored dashboards, so that everyone in the organization has access to logical decision support that is easy to review.

SEO – search engine optimization

The recipe for success in gaining visibility and ranking among the top search hits on Google is to create engaging content. To achieve that, you need to know who your customers are and what words or phrases they use when looking for your specific product or service. Our SEO specialists provide you with the right conditions for better visibility on Google and ensure that your target group finds its way to you. We support you with everything from analyzing contents, the target group’s search behavior, and how your website is structured, to creating contents based on the demands of the target group and improving your website’s performance.

SEM – search engine marketing

Paid search, SEM with Google Ads and Microsoft Ads (former Bing), is a strong channel with high completion frequency. In addition to the immediate results, another benefit is that it is measurable and provides data insights that enable planning of media investments in the digital landscape. We support you in driving sales, finding new customers, and building your brand. We set the strategy based on your KPIs and help you succeed with SEM, so you reach your target groups.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization is about working systematically to get as many as possible of your visitors to convert. Simply put, you want to convert visitors into customers. Whether the goal is to sell a product or a service, or maybe to increase self-service usage, conversion rate optimization is easy and profitable in the long term. But how can it be done simply? There is no quick fix, but we can use both simpler and more advanced A/B tests to see what can be improved on the website or in the mobile app to make more of your visitors become customers.

Social media & advertising

In order for your digital ads to lead to conversion, your target group needs to be exposed to them. Our social media specialists will help you with campaign planning, social media advertising, and setting strategies for planning, creating ads and campaigns, evaluating, and optimizing, regardless of the digital channel. We have experts who ensure that your ads lead to conversion!

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising refers to the process of buying digital ads. A purchasing platform and a sales platform are connected, so the process can be automated. With programmatic ad campaigns, you can tailor your message and ad for the right target group, which saves lots of time, gives you a better overview, and ensures that your advertising budget is used in a good way. We help you get started, optimize the solution, and find the right path forward.

Animations & motion graphics

We deliver 3D graphics and various types of special effects that show messages and contents in an exceptional and effective way. We have specialist competence in motion design and video production – where we can help out with everything from ideas to edited productions. The clips have been used everywhere from the silver screen to on TV, online, and in various types of profiling at fairs, expos, and seminars.

CRM & customer loyalty

The right message to the right person at the right time. Preferably automatically and intelligently. That’s CRM in a nutshell. Our CRM experts have long experience and broad competence in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and HubSpot. Based on your needs, we support you in implementing the platform that is best for you. Simply put: we help you communicate better and nag less.

Certificates & partnerships

All our client assignments are based on careful analyses and we have broad competence in implementation, reporting, and analysis of gathered data. We are proud to be a Google Premium Partner – something that requires competence, strong results over time, and a high level of activity. We encourage our employees to get certified in Google’s various product areas, which include search, mobile, video (YouTube), advertising, and purchasing. You can be certain that we have the competence and experience needed for your project.

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