E-commerce experts

Knowit has developed e-commerce solutions that are used by millions of people – every day. With their broad competence and long experience, our technical e-commerce specialists, strategic advisors, and business developers support large and small e-commerce businesses in building new digital shops and developing and improving existing ones. Together with our clients, we develop the e-commerce solutions of the future.

Strategic advisors

Our advisors in e-commerce have long experience of digital shopping and are experts in digital strategies, customer journeys, omnichannel, and digital transformation. They provide support with anything from technical advice on choice of platform to optimization of existing solutions for seamless experiences, analytics, e-commerce strategies, coaching on PIM, digital marketing, and CRM implementation.

A stable e-commerce partner

With many successful e-commerce projects and award-winning solutions in our portfolio, we have the experience and competence to guide our clients. As a collaboration partner, we provide support in anything from creating a brand-new digital shopping solution to improving and increasing conversion on an existing e-commerce site. Our advisors, designers, and developers take e-commerce to a new level and create outstanding customer experiences with you.

The latest technology on the market

We work in a data-driven way and use the latest technology on the market to develop e-commerce solutions. In close partnership with our clients, we create tailored solutions that are flexible, easy to scale up, fast, user-friendly, secure, and provide the right conditions to realize client ambitions. Whatever the e-commerce platform, B2B or B2C, we develop digital shopping solutions that increase sales.

Metrics & analytics

Using the right analytical tools and correct metrics set up in Google Analytics, we support our clients in figuring out what marketing is most effective and profitable, and give them hands-on tips on what changes can be made to their website, mobile app, or Facebook page. Take our hand and we will guide you on the right path toward attracting more visitors and increasing conversions.

Digital marketing & CRM

Digital marketing involves following a customer seamlessly, across channels, by using available data and insights. Our certified marketing experts help you use your data in the best possible way to reach your target group and provide you with the conditions to create fantastic customer experiences – and increase your sales.

UX & UI design

Will the visitor make a purchase or not when visiting your e-store? The answer probably depends on how easy it is to do, if the design is attractive, and if the e-commerce solution makes sense. The user experience is often what decides if a user likes an e-store, uses it, shops, and returns. Show some love based on what the target group thinks, feels, and acts – this will go a long way!

Our collaboration partners

Creating the digital shopping solutions of the future, with seamless and outstanding user experience, takes more than just an e-commerce platform. With our knowledge and experience of adjoining systems, add-on products, and their integration with your e-commerce solution, we can help you choose the right set-up and implement it.

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