Data collection

We start from the financial infrastructure that your operations currently have (e.g., chart of accounts, business or purchasing systems) and collect as many data as we can from there. We can also be your independent advisor in choosing a system for managing sustainability data. We help you with implementation if necessary and with our knowledge of the new regulations, we can set up processes and a reporting structure that is capable of efficiently dealing with the growing demands of the coming years.

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Analyze and visualize your climate data

We can analyze and visualize the climate and environment impact of your operations, for instance: 

  • Sustainability reporting
  • Figures for marketing
  • Climate data in Scope 1, 2 & 3 
  • Science-Based Targets


We can also compile a climate report in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. If you operate a manufacturing company, we can help you calculate the environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle of your products, i.e., a lifecycle analysis (LCA). 


Simulation of sustainability initiatives

Do you need a step-by-step roadmap to achieve your internal sustainability targets? With automated data collection, analysis, and visualization, you get the basis for simulating decisions that take your business controlling to a new level. By simulating sustainability initiatives before decisions are made, in multiple scenarios for the future, you can prioritize, minimize risks, and choose the most cost-effective route to your sustainability targets.

Do you want to identify the sustainability matters that are most important for your operations and your stakeholders? We can help you perform a materiality analysis related to your various stakeholders, to streamline and prioritize your work. As we work in a data-driven way, you will be able to follow up your progress, at both a detailed and an aggregated level.

Discuss your reporting questions with our sustainability strategists, analysts and developers

Do you have any questions about data collection, reporting requirements, or digital tools that make sustainability reporting easier? Feel free to ask us anything!

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