More focus on flexibility and speed

The reality of today leads to greater demands for innovation and flexibility. Your organization must therefore be more open to change, while also developing solutions at an increasing pace. Methods such as Agile and Lean can help your organization shift its focus from stability and optimization to pace and flexibility. Research shows that this is likely to be crucial for your future growth.

Management training

In order to optimize resources and costs, organizations are usually divided in a traditional, hierarchical way. Such an organizational structure is an obstacle to pace and flexibility. Our focus is on helping the leaders of the organization to understand and implement the new organization. Knowit Insight devises and conducts management training. We use tried and tested models, including Management 3.0, SAFe and LeSS.

Changing structures and roles

The typical middle manager, who is usually focused on stability and coordination, has become increasingly rare in organizations, as the demand for flexibility, speed and adaptability has increased. In order to increase the organization’s capacity for speed and flexibility, we can help you analyze the current status of the organization and support a change based on its structure, the behaviors within it and the knowledge available to you.

Management and governance

A clear vision and orientation are key to creating a thriving team, that independently strives for improvement, innovation, speed and flexibility. Poor management, combined with traditional governance, can be an obstacle to this. By establishing governance models, we can help you and your organization to develop your own methods for managing and governing teams. The objective is that your teams will, in time, take more responsibility for your end products and services.

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