Current challenges

Sweden is now entirely dependent on IT, while society is being subjected to an increasing number of cyberattacks, both in the private and the public sector. Digitalization also carries with it many new possibilities to develop our society, which are not used in full. One example is cloud services.

An explanation behind companies and authorities not making full use of the possibilities is that they feel it is hard to work proactively with digital security when technical development is moving increasingly fast. It is also a challenge to adapt operations to the laws and regulations that follow in the tracks of digitalization.

To become truly great at cybersecurity requires many approaches and experiences. These can be found in the interface between IT, law, and business. Security is also a strategic matter which must involve the board and corporate management to future-proof the organization. Only then can the organization make full use of the possibilities, while we all jointly contribute to a safer digital society.

This is what we offer you

We are a one-stop shop in cybersecurity and related legal matters. With our team of experts in strategy, technology, and law, we can be a strategic partner and provide support to both your management team and your IT department. Together, we create a secure world where you, your employees, your customers, and your customers’ customers feel safe.

Do you need to determine a future strategy for cybersecurity or get help with underlying technical matters? We do everything from risk assessments to code reviews and penetration testing. We can also help out with risk management, incident investigations, secure mobile platforms, and cloud services. Security testing of cars and advanced payments solutions are also within our area of expertise.

At Knowit, we also have our very own legal team, Digital Law, which offers the kind of lawyers you need on your digital journey. Here, you will get advice about data protection and privacy, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and procurement. Of course, we will also help out with IT outsourcing and contracts.

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