One-stop-shop in Protective Security

With a combination of strategic, operative, and legal competence, we can support you and your operations with anything from  Protective Security analyses to legal investigations and education. We can do an inventory of your existing  Protective Security, implement steering documents, and perform both technical and administrative actions. 

We start from your specific conditions and needs, to work in dialogue with you and tailor an offer that is perfect for you. 

Here’s how we can help you 

1. Protective Security analysis

A Protective Security analysis lays the foundation for systematic  Protective Security work and balanced security protection. To avoid misdirected, insufficient and/or unnecessarily expensive security measures, it is important to make the right assessments. 

We can perform the entire analysis with you and your operations, or act as a sounding board and support if you prefer to perform the analysis on your own. We can also provide a second opinion on an analysis that has already been performed. 

2. Organization, steering documents, and protective measures

On the journey towards systematic protective security efforts, we can help you in designing a  Protective Security organization and drafting and implementing steering documents and other documentation. 

We can also support your operations through design, implementation, and evaluation of existing security measures. Our experts are active in all aspects of  protective security: physical security, information security (including IT security), and personnel security – and can assist with everything from design of physical facilities and video surveillance to IT security measures in complex system environments and processes for security testing of staff and suppliers. 

3. Education in Protective Security

We offer tailored education in the  protective security area. We adapt the contents and level of the education based on your needs and which of your employees are deepening their knowledge – top management, people working in the security-sensitive operations, or external suppliers. Training can be held digitally or in your offices. 

4. Protective Security procurements

Our experts have long experience of  protective security procurements. We perform procurements and offer procurement support for anyone working in a security-sensitive operation. We can also help suppliers that need to adapt their operations based on requirements in security protection contracts. 

Are your operations security-sensitive?

Security Protection Act  

A new  Protective Security Act entered into force on April 1, 2019. The main purpose of the act and associated ordinance is to protect so-called security-sensitive operations of significance to the security of Sweden (formerly the security of the nation). Those conducting operations must themselves make an assessment of the applicability of the act and to what extent their operations are encompassed by its legal requirements. 

Do you want an assessment? 

Are you unsure if you need to start working withProtective security? We can make an assessment of if your operations might be significant to the security of Sweden and if there is reason to perform a comprehensive security protection analysis. 

Why Knowit?

We help you find the right solution  

We are used to serving as a strategic partner to our clients and have extensive experience in supporting both management teams and security organizations, IT sections, and legal departments. 

Our clients range from large authorities and international companies to smaller municipalities and private trusts – in various industries, such as energy, telecom, and finance. 

A team of security experts 

We have experts in all areas of the  Protective security field:  Protective security analysis, information and IT security, physical security, personnel security, and  Protective security contracts. Several of our experts are also legal experts, which means that we can offer the full range of services required for successful work in security protection. 

We also have around 4,000 colleagues in management consulting, IT, design, and communication. With us as your partner, you’ll get access to all the competences you need. 

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