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An organizational development, change or business development can be difficult to perform. We help you analyze your company in relation to your desired position. Using the results of this analysis, we help you structure and implement a flexible, agile organization better equipped to meet your current and future challenges.

Together with you, we make sure that you are both agile and cross-functional, as appropriate, that you get access to the right knowledge quickly, and promote a culture where people dare to take the initiative, try out new things, and take calculated risks. At the same time, we will help you see the other side of the equation, that is where you need to streamline, harmonize processes, and use scaling benefits, often based on intelligent automation. This is not where you should be doing neither – you should be doing both.

Shaping a successful organization

Our assignments in organizational development start with a thorough analysis, which we perform together with our clients. Our methods and tools are always based on research. Our objective is to give you the full effect, by combining the right structure with the right behaviour.

Knowit believes that the requirements for speed and flexibility mean that organizations must be flatter, with more agile decision-making. We shorten the lead times, from the decision to action, so organizations can react more quickly to the needs of their customers.

We believe that individual leadership is a prerequisite, meaning that each and every employee can and is expected to act on their own initiative, in line with the objectives of the organization.


Our strengths

We have deep operational knowledge and have helped many companies with organizational development on many markets and in many industries. We know about everything from organizational design, business agile, corporate culture, learning, and leadership growth, to change management. We have experience and specialists in these areas:

- Organizational design
- Change management
- Business agile
- Leadership growth and corporate culture
- Learning organizations

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