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"The project with Knowit provided us with a foundation and structure to manage working capital. Together we made the change happen, and now the different teams within the company are working together to handle the pandemic crises. Without the project we would be in a worse situation.

Together with Knowit we got our people onboard on the change journey. By supporting their action plans on facts and figures, they got us working towards a common goal."

Frederic Regert

Vice President Transformation, Finances & IT, Rossignol

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"As a result of working with Knowit, the organization learned to constantly evaluate our ways of working, which was especially important in the dramatic market changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Knowit’s management consultants did a great job managing the project and implementation with focus, a hands-on approach and speed – which is why we can see the results today."

Mats Benson

General Manager, Fagersta Stainless

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Working capital optimization

Working Capital Management is about increasing the efficiency and the profitability of your business. We take an operationally driven approach when optimizing Working Capital. We always base our recommendations on detailed data analysis and work closely together with our clients during implementation to ensure sustainable results. We have a solid track record and have helped numerous companies within a wide range of industries achieve their goals.

Our approach

We partner with our clients to exploit the untapped potential of financing coming from their operative working capital. This by optimizing the supply chain, the supplier interface, and the customer interface. With a deep understanding and wide experience in optimizing working capital, we increase value creation and value capture.

  • We are fact- and data-driven and always adapt theory and approach to fit our client’s business. This to secure value creation in all activities leading to measurable results.
  • We work closely with key-individuals at all levels of the organization, from the board of directors to the shop floor. Together we improve processes to implement the desired change.
  • We believe that value starts with people, and always have the overall aim to build a culture where value delivery and profitability are in focus. We do this through proper governance, group training sessions and personal coaching.
  • We enable sustainability and continuous development with digital tools that create visibility and insight. Monitoring of relevant KPIs and utilizing data in BI helps put important issues in focus to stimulate action, even after a completed successful project.

Supply chain optimization

Constant balancing between changing customer requirements, cash flow optimization, and cost-efficient operations – sounds like an impossible equation but can be tackled with a pragmatic approach. An efficient supply chain provides a solid backbone for your company to seek growth, utilize scarce resources optimally and maintain responsiveness in a turbulent world. We help you find practical and sustainable ways to solve the complex formula of supply chain optimization and turning it into a competitive edge of your company.

containers shopping of logistics

Focus area 1: Optimized processes as a backbone to enable scaling up your business

Quickly identify changes in demand and supply and understand the root causes per each phase of the supply chain. Plan coordinated responses and implement the changes fast. A responsive supply chain allows you to minimize your risk position and maximize growth potential.

Synchronized S&OP, flexible supply chain and risk-sharing solutions supported with scalable analytics are driving your business to the right direction to win in the new markets or businesses.

Focus area 2: Boost profitability from cash, margin, and cost-structure perspectives

Agile supply chains absorb little cash in e.g. inventories and thus enable profitable organic growth. Start with stock level optimization and continue to more comprehensive portfolio management by analyzing current product offerings from COGS and ROCE perspectives to be able to plan correct actions.

Transparency, cross-functional collaboration, firm decision making, and practical item-level actions lead to visible results in increasing inventory turn, improved service level, and healthier cost-structure.

containers and lorries n a dock

Focus area 3: Responsive supply chain to adapt to constant change

A responsive supply chain can turn surprises into opportunities. In order to become responsive, a company must take decisive actions to reduce the effort, capital and risks required to operate the company in a normal state. This requires supply chain management designed to keep options open, transparency to detect changes early on and operative practices that enable fast and coordinated responses.

Winning tomorrow requires a supply chain that is built for agility.

Increase your company's profitability

By using fact-based insights and practices as well as challenging previously established myths and ways of working, we can help to increase your company’s profitability without large investments.

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