Current challenges

Digitalization is no longer a phenomenon to consider, it is the reality of today and tomorrow. Still, as many as fifty percent of Swedish companies still lack a digitalization strategy. What is your current status?

It is clear that digitalization and artificial intelligence will be vital to the competitiveness, survival and existence of companies and countries. Your choices today will determine if you are strong tomorrow and in the future. For that reason, strategy is more important now than it has been in many years.

This is what we offer you

We can help you identify, prioritize, and make use of the digital possibilities, so that you can achieve success in your digital transformation. Together with you, we take a holistic view and start at the highest managerial level to position you and your operations in a new digital reality.

During the course of the journey, we will inspire and challenge you and your organization. We will work with the inner and outer digitalization of the organization to draw up your business-driven digital strategy. This can relate to everything from analyzing your current status and identifying short- and long-term goals to reviewing your current business model or operational steering.

We help you make the choices that achieve changes and improve the everyday for you, your employees, your customers and your customers’ customers.

Our strengths

We are up to speed with the surrounding world, have strong operative knowledge, and have delivered digitalization strategies in many different markets and in different industries.

We have knowledge of everything from organisational design, business models, automation, artificial intelligence, robots for administration, corporate culture, learning, and leadership growth, to change management. 

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Bertil Nordlund
Head of Strategy
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