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The challenge presented by big data

Today, big data is often a byproduct of your digital interactions and, as such, it grows exponentially. These days, it is a simple and inexpensive matter to gather data and we are presented with increasing opportunities and channels to do so; via software logs, mobile phones, wireless networks and cameras to name but a few.

The challenge consists of handling all this data in the form of storage, interpretation, and analysis, as well as meeting applicable regulations for information security and confidentiality.

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Utilize your information

This large volume of data is worthless until you make something of it. Valuable information is hidden within your data if you are able to present it correctly. The key is to find the right analytical tools and models to investigate your data. When you find correlations and patterns, visualize user behavior or interconnect data, you can make predictive analyses and obtain a documented basis for improved decision making. Let your data help you to identify new business opportunities.

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Create valuable insights

Talk to us and we can help you to transform your big data into valuable insights. By using our Knowit Solutions Analytics Lab, you will get a partner and experimental workshop for the advanced analysis of your data. For a specific period of time, we will manipulate and analyze your data to find interesting and valuable areas of use. We can also assist you in mapping your data flow.

  • At what speed does your data come in and go out?
  • What are your data sources?
  • How reliable is your data?
  • What variation and breadth does your data have? 


We use a combination of different skills and techniques. Results are presented in an educational and simple format, laying the groundwork for more efficient use of your data.

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Talk to us about GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation aimed improving data protection for all citizens of the European Union. Its principle purpose is to provide us, as citizens of the EU, with control over our personal data and to harmonize data privacy laws across the European Union. This legislation also deals with the export of personal data to countries outside the EU. This affects many aspects of system development and makes demands on how you handle your data. Knowit knows how.

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