What can be created through agile innovation?

Digital banks, digital tickets, predictive analyses, AI, digital assistans, natural language processing, robots, and so much more!

Today, all companies and organizations are undergoing some kind of digitalization. The ambition and strategy for the digitalization varies, depending on the type of operations being performed, but it is clear that digital innovation is now an important key for retaining a competitive edge.

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Creative days at work

Innovation and creativity are important to our operations, which is why we prioritize these aspects and give them space.

Every year, we let our consultants set aside their regular assignments for two days to work on a project that particularly interests them. The aim is to create ideas, thoughts, and processes in a structured manner.

The first day focuses on identifying an idea or concept. It can be anything at all – an idea, a process, a tool or a prototype. The objective is to come up with ideas that fall outside the regular field of work and to try out an idea to see if we can make it into something bigger.


Innovative prototypes are tested

During the final stage, as a end to the creative days, the business idea is presented and evaluated from a business perspective. A jury assesses and determined which ideas and projects have potential for further development and full realization.

The nominated proposals get the chance to create prototypes based on their ideas, to see if the concept is feasible in practice.

This part of the process often generates more, new ideas, thus creating a larger platform for creative and innovative thinking.


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Working innovatively with us at Knowit

We often work together with our clients and help with product development, sometimes purely as a personnel reinforcement, but often as a team or partner where we finalize parts of, or entire, products. No matter the scope, it starts with an assignment from you. We also help you with objectives, time frames and bringing the innovation project to the finish line.

Our experience is our strength and we gladly contribute with our technical expertise, frameworks, and structures for your innovation work. The work is customized to each client's specific product development and business.

We can help you work innovatively!

Innovation plan and productization

Phase 1 - Innovation plan and process

During the first phase, three to ten weeks are spent on creating a sustainable idea, a business plan and a working prototype.

Phase 2 - Productization

The second phase focuses on productization, which involves working for 3 to 12 months to create a finished product that is ready for the market. The goal is to deliver a fully finished product to the market with all the important elements included in that process.

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