Digital innovation is increasingly important for keeping up with development

In order for companies and organizations to retain their competitive edge, a high innovation speed is now required. Within digital innovation, there is great potential with many possibilities. This means that IT, which up until recently was a support function, has now become the very core of operations.

Connecting operations with technology is becoming more and more important and digital innovation often leads to the creation of entirely new business models that affect the entire operations.

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Digital transformation creates sweeping changes

Digital transformation is larger than a single digitalization project and affects the entire company. By using digital technologies, the groundwork is laid for new business processes and customer experiences that meet the changing business needs and market requirements.

This is a strategic, customer-driven change that affects all parts and departments within the company. Often, an all-encompassing organizations change is required in connection with the implementation, which begins and ends with the customer’s user experience.

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What is your level of ambition in digitalization?

What is the ambition for your operations? If the goal is simply to digitalize individual parts, the focus is on optimizing existing services, products and processes using digital technology and the right competence. To perform a full-scale digital transformation of all the components in a company, from the operative model to the infrastructure, you need to deal with more far-reaching questions. What do we sell? What does the interaction with the customer look like? How can we reach the market in the best possible way?

The first step in all digitalization and digital transformation is to prioritize structures and processes that are necessary to drive digital maturity and encourage innovation. This is one thing we can help you with – feel free to contact us and discuss this!

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What to keep in mind in a digital transformation

  1. Digital transformation has to come from the top.
  2. The corporate culture is crucial and is often the key to transformation.
  3. Understand the full commercial value of your digital channels – and follow up on them.
  4. Define clear KPIs and goals, which are common to the entire operations.
  5. Your digital strategy IS your business strategy.
  6. Create a deep understanding of your customers and partners.
  7. Secure digital competence and create clear roles and responsibilities.
  8. Understand the digital landscape.
  9. Technology is a prerequisite for future (digital) success – not just a cost.
  10. Digital transformation = Agile transformation.
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