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The trend is toward free movement

The development we are seeing is from mobile applications and ticketless systems to a situation in which we can move freely within and between different transport systems. A reality in which we can combine various fully-integrated means of transport with one another with only one payment point. Users travel to their destination and then pay based on the route chosen. Tailored to each person’s requirements in terms of budget, time and convenience.

Trucks driving over bridge

New business models and services are emerging

The ability to integrate different systems and combine information in new ways paves the way for the development of innovative business models and services. Resource optimisation, the ability to make more efficient use of unused capacity, is one such area. One example could be compensating for empty passenger space by filling up with goods. Improved traffic planning is another area. By providing more real-time information, for example regarding traffic and weather conditions, proactivity can be increased and traffic flexibility created.

connecting bridge high up inside building

Our cities are getting smarter

We believe that we can contribute to making our towns and cities smarter. By helping municipalities, businesses and central government to collect and understand data, investment can be made where it is most needed and provides the greatest benefits. Instead of focusing solely on infrastructure and vehicles – in the form of roads, bridges, buses, trains and underground railways – investment can be focused on the need for individual mobility.

This opens the way for new ecosystems that over time can help to provide greater mobility with smoother traffic flows and reduced environmental impact. This will provide us with sustainable urban areas with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and quality of life. This will offer competitive advantages to those towns and cities at the forefront, increasing their ability to attract people to live and work.

In partnership with Knowit

Knowit can contribute strategic, tactical and operational expertise and help stakeholders from both the private and public sectors. How can the products and services offered by your company or organization be developed and used as a valuable part of the ecosystem? 

By introducing new services within the system, or by increasing the value of each individual stakeholder, the total value is increased for all parties within the ecosystem. This is the result of the natural mechanisms in a value network that form the basis for all joint consumption.

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