User-centered design

User-centered design is exactly what it sounds like: Design that is adapted based on how the users actually use the solution. We offer tailored advice and services based on your data. We use multiple stages in our work, to ensure that the product meets the needs and expectations of the user.

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System architecture is one of the keys to ensuring that you and your organization get as much as possible out of your IT investments. The role of architecture is usually related to balancing different interests and finding a suitable solution. Requirements need to be quantified and the system should be dimensioned correctly. Let us guide and follow you, so that we can jointly create the architecture you need.

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None of us can see the future, but we design solutions for a world that is changing more and more rapidly. With agile system development and step-by-step development of functionality, faster implementation of tailored solutions is facilitated. All development is done in a continuous dialogue with you, the client. From the start, we focus on making application management easy, and we carry extensive knowledge regarding how and why the solution has been designed in a certain way into the application management phase.

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Requirements analysis

Requirements are much more than just long specifications. They relate to innovation, creativity, and communication between people, with a focus on simplicity. With the right requirements specification, the goal becomes clear: developing products that are used in the right way and meet the anticipated need. We organize courses, conferences, and lectures, and perform analyses and reviews. Our goal is to help you with what we call modern requirements analysis.

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Mobile applications

The smart apps of today have been developed as more than just copies of a website or webpage. Today, the functionality of a phone is used in a new way, integrating GPS coordinates, cameras, sensors, and the user's motions. In order to ensure that your app has a purpose and value, simply use the functionality of the phone. Just do it on a larger scale.

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Cloud solutions

Do you want to benefit from the cloud to gain more flexibility, efficiency, and innovativeness? We are cloud experts and can help you with your cloud strategy, based on the needs and circumstances of your operations. We assist you with implementation, migration, support, and day-to-day operations, as well as continuous improvements. Knowit is a strategic partner that can help your organization decrease costs and gain in flexibility, efficiency, and innovation.

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Test and quality assurance

The requirements on performance and availability are high: services should be available 24 hours a day, with quick response times, and support many types of devices. Performance testing, security testing, and availability testing are crucial for identifying challenges and needs before they become a problem. With functional and technical tests, we help you prioritize in your decisions, which leads to more efficient management and decreased costs.

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