Cloud Governance Model – set your organization up for success

In collaboration with your stakeholders, we can help you create a cloud governance model that contains policies of how your company acquires, uses, and manages cloud platforms. The handbook will guide you in doing the right things, the right way – and making the right cloud service choices.

What will your cloud governance include?

Cloud governance focuses on people, processes, and technologies where all three parts are equally important in driving your cloud journey. By looking at areas such as roles and responsibilities, rules and procedures, performance and metrics, security risk and compliance, operations and technology we will design a framework to ensure a smooth running of your cloud operations.

A substantial part of the governance model is naturally dedicated to operation management. The topics we cover include steering and administration, development teams, partner and vendor management, agreements, and support models, just to mention a few.

What are the benefits of cloud blueprints?

We will provide you with a tailored cloud blueprint, which is a document with the technical details of policies covered in the governance model. Features that are operative, technical, and requiring updates are provided there as well as methods to drive increased levels of efficiency, scalability, and manageability. 

Cloud Core and Landing Zones – accelerate the adoption of public cloud

We have helped clients in a variety of industries to implement and adapt cloud core solutions and enterprise-scale landing zones to fit their business situation, corporate culture and needs.

Cloud core 

Our Cloud Core service is a framework to accelerate your cloud adoption in enterprise setting. It includes both the cloud platform's landing zone setups and the best practices for platform usage and maintenance. Our blueprints are reviewed regularly as we continuously update our best practices for success.

By using a combination of infrastructure as code, automation, processes, and governance, we will ensure your cloud environment is highly efficient and operable. We will also provide guidance and support to your employees in operational roles through education and tutorials. Everything to make you feel confident in your cloud transformation.

Landing zone

With our landing zone solution, we can help you to easily setup a secure and multi-account cloud environment, based on the needs of your cloud portfolio. The landing zone matches AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Cloud Core best practices and utilizes design patterns verified on multiple customer environments. Our solution will allow you to standardize your cloud environment, save time and give you a better grasp of the costs.

Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

Does your cloud center of excellence need an extra pair of hands or an experienced cloud professional to talk to? We deliver AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud experts who provide the skills and support to accelerate your cloud adoption. Whether it’s creating cloud governance policies, selecting cloud providers, or building cloud fluency in your organization, we have the set of skills proven to drive cloud-enabled transformation.

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