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How do we make a difference?

Have you ever been part of a project where the resulting product has not met expectations or have you encountered suppliers that don't understand what you really want?

Our work is important and we make a difference for our clients. For example, we have taken part in the requirements specification for a new commuter train tunnel and the expansion of the subway system in Stockholm. We support clients building water purification systems or creating medical equipment in healthcare. Our client base is very broad - we set up requirements for field hospitals in Mali, just as we help ensure that our tax monies are not swallowed by complex procurements. We also deal with requirements and analysis for web shops and logistics systems.

We organize education and conferences, and hold lectures in the field of modern requirements management. Do you want to learn more? Contact us!


Shift to higher quality

We want to help companies to develop products that are appreciated and used. We believe that requirements management, with the right attitude and knowledge, can be associated with words like creativity, simplicity, and innovation. Talk to us about how we can work together to improve your specifications.

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Structured innovation for new possibilities

Our innovation workshops give companies the tools they need to begin development projects in the best possible way - by setting measurable, tangible goals, clarifying the scope, and using it to find innovative concepts.

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Get a diagnosis, so you can move forward

Our diagnosis offering is aimed at organizations that are ready to truly improve their requirements management and, by extension, their product development. A broad status analysis, with improvement suggestions, provides a possibility to take a big step in the right direction.

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Hanna Wasmuth
Head of Requirements analysis
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Can you manage mostly on your own? Use a requirements coach!

Do you want to try to manage the requirements work within your organization? Great! But even when you are good at something, you can sometimes get stuck or need a sounding board. That's when you can use us as a requirements coach!

We can help you with simpler issues over the phone or by e-mail. You'll get access to a personal contact whom you can call or e-mail when you need support or advice. Why not just call to see how others have solved the problem you are faced with? All our requirements coaches work actively as requirements management consultants in leading roles. We have experience from almost every industry you can imagine and if your personal coach can't answer a question, there is always someone else in our organization who can help you.

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Enlist the help of skilled consultants

Have you already taken the first steps toward better requirements management? Maybe you have already bought software, taken a course or drafted a new project model. Regardless of how far you've gotten in this work, it is likely that you will at some point need to reinforce your organization temporarily. A consultant from us is the obvious choice!

All our consultants have relevant academic education and several years' experience of requirements management in several industries. Furthermore, all our consultants are certified in accordance with Value Requirements, at very least, and most of them in accordance with REQB as well. Of course, they have all taken our course in modern requirements management. We are also active at conferences and seminars, and many of our consultants are experienced lecturers and course leaders.

Our consultants do not just do what is expected, but will also actively contribute with tips and ideas on how different parts of your requirements management can be improved.

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Kravdagen - the most important conference of the year

Kravdagen (The Requirements Day) is Sweden's most inspiring conference on requirements management, mixed with innovation and creativity.

Requirements are about much more than long specifications. They are about innovation, creativity, and communication between people. This is the focus of Kravdagen. When SIDA talks about challenges alongside Ericsson and a one-man company, we really get the chance to succeed with our projects. When we share our experiences between many different industries, we optimize our circumstances. When we also get to be inspired by the very latest in the sector, communicated by knowledgeable speakers, Kravdagen becomes the most important day of the year in this field, and a unique opportunity to change the world together  - or at least have some coffee with colleagues. That's up to you!

Whether you are building advanced finance or retail systems, running a tech startup, writing procurements, planning construction projects, or creating websites, you should come to Kravdagen. It doesn't matter if you work in an ultra-agile way, or more traditionally and methodically. There is something for everyone. While we have around 200 participants each year, we make sure the atmosphere is intimate and open, welcoming all kinds of ideas.

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Hanna Wasmuth
Head of Requirements analysis
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