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Claes Bengtsson
Head of Klara Archive Management
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The customer’s operations, processes, process documents, activity documents and activities are described in Klara, which is fully integrated with the archive listing.

Klara has all the functions necessary to describe document management plans, build classification structures, create archive descriptions, list the archive and create printouts of labels and report. The system has a logical structure, is compliant with the rules of the Swedish National Archive, and it can be adapted to meet the needs of customers.

As a user, you have the option of combining archive listings based on the public archive structure with archives based on process-oriented archive management, under the same archive creator.

Our efficient e-archiving concept gives Klara a central role in information management from data capture right through to the e-archive.

Klara is available in a number of modules: Classic, Professional, Enterprise and Integration, and Web. We also offer Klara as a service.


Klara Classic contains all the basic functions the archivist needs to list archives.


Klara Professional contains operation-based and process-oriented archive management functions.


For people wishing to use Klara as the organization’s information hub or to integrate Klara in the business system.


Klara Web allows an archive to be presented via a web interface.

As a service

We offer all Klara versions as a cloud service.

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