Solutions for Situation Awareness

CIMIC3 is a situation awareness system where your own position, course and speed is shown, together with information about other parties/units. The system can be installed in ships, trucks or offices. CIMIC3 can satisfy all your requirements in situation awareness and be integrated with many kinds of sensors.

Within many fields, there is a need to gather information, analyze what is going on in an area and present that information to users at multiple levels in an organization to act upon. The users of our solutions are found in the military, police, coast guard, customs or various other organizations.

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Solutions for communication

Knowit has, since the 1990s, developed deep knowledge and experience of various organizations’ and users’ requirements regarding communications. This covers both international and domestic standards. Knowit has, with this knowledge and experience, developed our own communication solutions, to fulfill the customers’ needs for information exchange with interoperability between different systems and their users.

Our own Integrated Communications System (InCS) can leverage the customers’ existing and future communications equipment, such as radios, modems, cryptos or various kinds of data network devices, and create a truly integrated communications network. Our product portfolio includes products that we integrate from our partners, as well as our very own products, among which Styrbjörn can be mentioned. Styrbjörn is a remote-control system for radios and modems used on Swedish Navy ships.

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Solutions for interoperability

Interoperability can be interpreted in different ways. For Knowit, interoperability includes every aspect of the information exchange between end users, through any number of systems. This means that every part of the communications setup, including what is interpreted by different users, must be compatible and without risk for misunderstandings. For example, a track’s speed could be presented in km/h in one system and in knots in another system, but the actual speed should be the same.

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ISO certification and support

Knowit Dataunit is ISO 9001:2015-certified. We have support agreements with customers that, depending upon the customers’ requirements, can include support personnel abroad or at/out of the office, handling of reference systems, including support calls 24/7/365, spare parts, etc.

With more the 25 years in the defense and security sector, we are more than happy to support you.

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Information security

All our solutions can be delivered with extended information security in active use, if you have special/high security requirements for systems handling classified data.
Knowit has developed the Triton secure platform, which we use to enhance the level of information security. Triton is a platform that can be used for integration of other applications, including applications from other vendors.

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