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Put the citizen at the center of the digitalization

For us, digitalization is not just about technology, but also to a large extent about changing behaviors and streamlining processes. It is about continually improving the services that an authority is charged with providing, so that they become even better for the users that the authority exists to serve. This is in line with how the government describes Sweden’s digital policy. The overall goal in Sweden is to digitize with a basis in citizens’ needs, with the aim of offering simpler, more transparent, and more efficient services. We want to help realize this policy.

An efficient and innovative public sector is of great significant for our society. Where are you in this process? How can we help you?

"Sweden has the objective to be the world leader in using the opportunities created by digitalization. Having an innovative and efficient public administration, functioning in accordance with the rule of law, is necessary not only to meet the challenges of the future, but also to maintain democratic societal institutes."

DIGG – The Agency for Digital Government, tasked with promoting the digitalization of the public sector.


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A focus on usability and innovation

Digitalization provides organizations and society with new opportunities to perform changes that have not been possible in the past, and it is important not to get caught up in merely optimizing existing processes.

Innovation is not just about the technical solutions; equally important is the development of new work methods. Finding the best solutions often requires daring to try things out, learn, and re-learn. Our commitment is to be on hand, in the long term, to help the public sector renew and develop applications that are critical to society and business.

A public body must serve the needs of both private individuals and companies. How can we help you find the right solutions?

"In addition to the objective of Sweden being a world leader in using the opportunities of digitalization, the five interim objectives of the digitalization strategy – digital management, digital competence, digital security, digital infrastructure, and digital innovation – are important starting points in our efforts."

The Swedish National Digitalization Council – Follows up on digitalization in Sweden and the world, to assist the government with strategic analyses and recommendations.

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We help you find the right solutions

Development is happening all the time and at an increasing pace. The preparedness and pace of change in the digitalization of public services must be increased, with a focus on more usability and innovation. The Swedish vision of being the world leader in using the opportunities of digitalization involves a set of interim objectives, including digital management, digital competence, digital security, digital infrastructure, and digital innovation, as important areas of improvement.

In these areas, we have both long experience and broad competence. Whether this involves system development, usability, self-service solutions, surveillance, payment and registration systems, performance calculations, portals, or infrastructure. With long-term responsibility and continuous competence development, we can help you manage the many challenges of digitization.

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An innovative reference project with an overarching objective – openness

Knowit works closely with two of Norway’s largest public sector organizations to create an effective, reliable and open administration. It is a joint project involving the city of Oslo and Difi, the Norwegian government agency and e-administration. They combined forces to create a single source of information for the whole of the Norwegian public sector. Both parties are keen to give the general public greater access to the work they do. The project allows citizens to see public e-mails and political issues.

Significant efficiency gains will be made possible by automating work that used to be done manually. The many benefits will be enjoyed by users, citizens, the media, politicians, organizations/associations and the economy in general. The project adds value and is genuinely inclusive.

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