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Simplifying the credit rating process

Our service Dploy manages the entire workflow in a credit process, from application to payment. By automating the loan process, you can lower your operating costs and process more credit ratings without hiring more staff.

The platform is intuitive, scalable, and developed specifically for banks and financing institutes that offering various kinds of financing, such as:

  • Loans, homeowner loans, credit cards, and other financing products.
  • Factoring, leasing, and leasing of equipment to companies.
  • Sales financing, non-guaranteed loans, and mortgages.
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Automating obvious credit decisions

You can either integrate Dploy with your existing banking platform and manage credit decisions through your interfaces, or use Dploy on its own. The framework is based on secure data sources, complex integrations, and open platforms.

You get access to both a unique database with credit information that is always up-to-date, and public registers, so that you can get to know your customers. Using optimized scoring processes, Dploy can determine what would be a correct reaction to a credit application based on your organization’s credit policies. This means that you can make safe, objective, and fast credit decisions, while also increasing the quality of your credit ratings.

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Tailor the platform to your needs

The user interface can be tailored to your unique needs and business model. There is also a standard interface that covers most requirements that banks and financing companies have in process management. The platform is available both via a web service and via API. An internal and external user interface is also included.

The Dploy platform gives you the possibility to adapt currencies, language files, and date formats, and to make other local settings. This is done when the system is installed and implemented.

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Digitalize invoice discounting and purchasing

Does your company offer overdraft facilities or factoring services in the form of invoice discounting and purchasing? The smart financial technology in Dploy supports all these processes and can simplify your work significantly. Discover how we can help you in purchasing and financing the outstanding claims of other companies.

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Our clients include

We have performed successful implementations in several different sectors in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Some of the largest players in financing, for example, are using Knowit’s FinTech solution Dploy. BMW, BraBank, Volkswagen, DNB Finans, and Santander are among them. 

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Market leaders as collaboration partners

To secure access to high-quality data, we have initiated a close collaboration with Ambita, Signicat, Virdi, och Mambu. Ambita is a technology company that delivers digitalization solutions to the real estate market. They are behind several central solutions that ensure the efficiency and openness of the housing market in Norway. Virdi is a housing platform for consumers in Norway, while Signicat is a platform for digital identification, including authentication and electronic signatures. Mambu is a cloud-based banking platform and this collaboration means that we can offer a complete range of banking and finance services to traditional finance institutions and digital challengers.

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