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Digitization has gained a strong foothold in the forestry industry and the investments in digitization and IT are continuing. Still, half of the Swedish forestry companies lack a business strategy for digitization, according to the IT Barometer 2018 of the forestry industry.

The main focus today is on sustainability, innovation, and streamlining through various new products. New technology, such as RPA, AR, AI, and VR are facilitating new, exciting possibilities in the sector.

Together, we can explore these possibilities. If you want to learn more, contact us.

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Our experience and competence

We can understand your operations, thanks to our IT consultants with many years' experience from the forestry and industry sector. Together, we will find solutions to your problems, based on your specific circumstances.

Through consultancy and delivery of operational development and IT solutions, we can help to contribute to increased efficiency and growth in your operations.

For us, it is important to create a continual and close relationship with our clients. Our goal is to be a long-term partner to clients in the Swedish forestry and industry sectors.


Streamlining through new inventory methods

New and improved inventory methods using satellites and drones provide better yield estimates for standing forest. The sector is also investigating remote-controlled forestry machines that do not require the operator to sit inside the machine, instead being able to steer it from a distance. This would improve both the work environment and security for staff. With this solutions, the problem of finding staff with the right competence, who want to work in the forest, would be solved, and workers could be attracted in new ways.

Large savings and streamlinings can be made at several levels of the logistical chain, from forest to industry and on to the end client.

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New measurement methods increase process efficiency and decrease energy use

New ways of measuring timber are implemented through remote measuring and "remote-controlled" terminals. Using the Internet of Things, it is possible to create a "smart sawmill."

Using such digitization and new technology, processes can be improved and it is possible to achieve better control over data and, by extension, the entire operation. For instance, image and x-ray technology at the sawmill intake can analyze and optimize production, thus contributing to increased process efficiency and product value, as well as decreased energy use.

Our offering

Some of the offerings and areas in which we deliver to our clients are presented in the image below. At the core is our collective operational competence within the forestry industry.

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