Knowit’s essential issues

The key to sustainability work that contributes to long-term value creation is to understand the surrounding world and the stakeholders’ expectations in a changeable time. Knowit’s essentiality process to identify the most important issues contributes to prioritizing the sustainability issues that Knowit should be focusing on.

This analysis of the societal changes that Knowit and its stakeholders can affect and are affected by is the foundation for how sustainability is integrated into Company strategy and reported. A full essentiality analysis is done every other year, with a review and smaller adjustments being made in between these occasions.

Materiality analysis

In 2021, a full essentiality analysis was performed with the following stages:

  1. With a focus on the future: Navigating 2030 and benchmarking competitors.
  2. Identifying and weighting essential sustainability areas.
  3. In-depth interviews with Company representatives and stakeholders, in order to validate the identified sustainability areas and their respective weights.
  4. Impact on Knowit’s value chain.
  5. Impact on the Company’s strategy and communication.



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